Mach 116 - 5 Gallon

Mach 116 - 5 Gallon

Typical Properties:

Oxygen Vol%...........0
Specific Gravity......0.76

For Engine Applications that Require 110 - 116 Octane and Compression Ratios of Up to 15:1

Gulf's additive lead replacement performs better than leaded fuels by producing more effective lubricity, while resisting detonation. The product reaches its stoichiometric value between 14.8:1 and 14.9:1 at idle/closed loop; and further, will not damage oxygen sensing systems or catalytic converters, while avoiding ethanol entirely.


Gulf MACH Fuels
The new line of unleaded racing fuels integrate replacement additives that avoid damage to emissions control system components, including oxygen sensors and catalytic converters. MACH Fuels also apply the latest techniques in unleaded technology to increase flame speed while resisting detonation, thereby, extending life-cycles of performance-based race engines.

Gulf Unleaded Fuels Beat Leaded Fuels
Gulf unleaded racing fuels replace leaded fuels in every type of use. We make our fuels with a lead replacement additive that works better than lead. Our unleaded fuels will not harm engines, oxygen sensors or catalytic converters. Switch to Gulf MACH unleaded racing gasoline.

Currently the Gulf Racing Fuels line includes:

Guld Legend products
The rebirth of formulas directly applicable to vintage and historic racing engines; in addition to modern, high-compression powerplants engineered specifically to develop maximum horsepower.

Gulf MACH Products
These exclusive products result from the latest advancements in unleaded racing technology, and easily outclass other leaded fuels by delivering superior horsepower, and higher explosive velocity.